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round 6 - info & rules

» icons must be yours and made originally for this challenge
» please make sure all images are PG rated
» your icons must to fit livejournal standard of: under 40kb, 100x100, preferably .png file format
» you can either post to the community or link us to your icon journal giving 3 examples, not just banners link to your icon post or you can post them here under a cut, still giving 3 examples before it. Post the completed icons batch at once
» the icon post must be UNLOCKED (aka public)
» try to check out the other participants entries
» the users listed here have posting access. If you want to join the round, you can sign up here
» please use the provided table to post your icons for convenience
» please add a subject. The format is: round 6 - your username
» don't worry about the tags: we'll add them for you in this way !entries: round 06, maker: your username
» let us know if you want a partecipation banner
» completed 20 are due by October 20th.

Themes & Table

01 episode title "Take Two" must be included in your icon
02 hug
03 b&w+color your icon must be black and white with a splash of color, from a texture or possibly something in the icon
04 OTP
05 body part your icon must be focused on a body part
06 he male choose a male from the episode and iconize him
07 she female choose a female from the episode and iconize her
08 group 3+ people must be included in your icon
09 smaller your icon has to be smaller than 100x100px (eg. 90x90)
10 favourite moment

CATEGORY: SEQUENCE OF A SCENE - made 5 icons from the same scene in sequence

ARTIST's CHOICE: create 5 icons with no limitations

Feel free to ask here if you have any question!
Have fun!

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